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Sanitec was established back in 2001, before Italchimica was set up. 40 years’ experience in the trade has seen it become an Italian brand leader for Ho.Re.Ca. industry cleaning products. It is a top product line for all types of professional applications. Besides superior product quality, the brand offers a broader-range customised dosing system installation technical support service and also training courses on the use of its products, a guarantee of disinfected, sterile instruments and surfaces.

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Domina was created in 2012 to give a select group of retailers an opportunity to exclusively market a high quality brand. To guarantee customer satisfaction, the Domina exclusive offers dosing system installation technical support services alongside training courses and ongoing consulting on surface cleaning and kitchen hygiene in hospitals and the agro-food industry.

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Matrix is a brand that guarantees quality products at the right price, consisting of a reference line mainly for use in daily cleaning with high quality formulas and striking, intuitive packaging.

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